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Pew Aerobics
A word about “pew aerobics.” During a “typical” service of the Holy Eucharist you will alternately stand, sit and kneel. You will stand at the beginning of the service, for the singing of hymns, and the reading of the Gospel. The rule of thumb for standing is that we stand to praise the Lord. Normally we sit to be instructed. Therefore, you will sit for the reading of the passages from Scripture and the sermon. You will kneel for the reading of the psalms, prayers, the General Confession and Absolution. You may kneel or stand for the Great Thanksgiving liturgy. If you can’t remember the protocol, then do what most new Episcopalians do—follow your neighbor. When in doubt about proper etiquette, don’t be afraid to ask someone next to you. Most likely this person was new once and initially felt just as confused by all the physical activity in the pews. Whatever your posture, rest assured that we are pleased you are with us and that no one is looking at you funny because you are unsure whether to stand, sit, or kneel.
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