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updated 11/03/2022

Click on the link above to download the church directory.
 Please call the church office for the New password.

Church Directory
NEW Church Directory now available.
The new Church Directory is now available via our website and your smart phone.
If you visit the website, www.stpaulseasternshore.com, look in the left hand corner of the screen where it says CONTACT INFORMATION, you will see the word directory, it is right above the Thrift Shop ccessed outside of our congregation.  The directory is in a PDF format and  can be viewed and/or printed.  aoffice, 626-2421, I will give you the password.  This is to protect the information from being directory.  You will need a password to open the directory, so if you will email me or call the telephone number.  This is the link that will take you to the directory.
The directory will take a minute to open then it will display a picture of the church. You will have to scroll down to see the entire directory.  It does not work by clicking on the pictures. You can also view the directory from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire by downloading the free Instant Church Directory Members App. You will need  to search for "Instant Church Directory" in the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store, or use  this link: http://www.instantchurchdirectory.com/appthen be available for you to view.  The directory will  Once they receive your email address Instant Church Directory will email you a password to type in on your phone.  When you have the app on your phone you will have to type in your email address.
All of the information in the new directory came from the information sheets that each of you filled out for this project. The photographs were also taken here at the church.  If you had your picture taken and did not fill out a form, it will be missing information.  If you turned in a form, but did not take a picture, your picture will be unavailable. In either case, OR if you are new to our parish, please email a picture to me  and fill out a directory information form for each member of your family. Pictures must be of individuals, not a group photo.  The Directory Information Form is available on our website at www.stpaulseasternshore.com under FORMS.
If you are not in the directory, please submit an information form and email me your picture.  My email address is  terriannmcmillan@aol.com  The pictures have to be emailed to me in a jpg Be sure to include your name with the photo.  format.
Please keep in mind that this is an ongoing project.  I will continue to make changes on a daily basis.It is impossible for me to keep this directory up-to-date without your help.    Please keep me informed of any changes to your directory information.
Thank you,
Terri McMillan
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