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Parish Nurse Program
Why does St Paul’s have Parish Nurses?
When Jesus sent his disciples into the worlds to continue his work, he told them to preach and teach and also to heal. In collaboration with the other ministries of St. Paul’s the parish nurses respond to Jesus’ instructions by caring for the whole person, body, mind and soul.
What is a Parish Nurse?
A parish nurse is a registered nurse with additional education. Parish nurses’ training emphasizes the fact that physical health is interrelated with mental health, spirituality and human relationships. While one of our primary roles is to help parishioners jeep their bodies healthy, we also know that one can have a sense of well being even during illness and that healing occurs even when disease cannot be cured. The role of the parish nurse, then, is to foster whole-person healing and growth by sharing Christ’s love as we provide education, counseling, support and presence to parishioners and members of the larger community.
Some of the Services Provided by Parish Nurses:
  • Monitoring blood pressure – Wednesday in the Parish Nursing Office
  • Providing education on health issues through Tentmaker articles, bulletin boards, postings at key locations on campus, talks to church and community groups, etc.
  • Providing one-on-one counseling and information about particular illness or issue;
  • Organizing and exhibiting at health fairs and community events;
  • Making visits to those who are sick or shut-in, at home, in a hospital or other facility;
  • Accompanying parishioners to appointments or being present in the hospital to interpret medical information and help navigate the health system;
  • Helping parishioners access resources that can provide items or services needed;
  • Providing support and education during periods of loss and grief.

Contact: Scotti Dixon at 626-2421

Volunteers needed: Yes


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